Our engagement for the climate

Monterosa’s business model requires its employees to fly globally. Monterosa is however committed to having a positive impact on the climate. The group strives to reduce its own carbon footprint by encouraging the use of public transport, using renewable energy and reducing waste.

In addition, we have decided to become climate positive, by compensating over 100% of our emissions using Gold Standard certified projects sourced by Climate Neutral Group in the Netherlands and by donating to the reforestation initiatives launched by WeForest and supporting projects focused on the world’s oceans by OceanCare.


The first project is a certified solar pump project in Gujarat, India. This project allows for the replacement of diesel pumps used by women entrepreneurs in salt farms. Through the use of solar panels, the project enables cleaner air, reduced diesel consumption and annual financial savings of USD 1,500 for the entrepreneurs. The project is also linked to microfinance loans, in order to ensure sustainable development for the female farmers and access to the solar panels.


The second project is the recognised clean cooking project in rural Nepal. This project enables the replacement of traditional wood-burning cooking stoves with more efficient cooking stoves that use less wood to produce the same amount of energy. The benefits from the clean cooking project are reduced deforestation and fewer carbon emissions. The project also reduces any potential health problems.


The third climate contribution project involves the certified solar cooking stoves in Iridimi refugee camp in Chad. This project ensures the replacement of traditional wood fires with cooking stoves that use solar energy to cook food. The benefits of the solar cooking stoves include reduced pollution and fewer health problems. Furthermore, the production and maintenance of these cooking stoves create job opportunities for women, thereby increasing their independence.


Monterosa supports OceanCare, a Swiss non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting marine mammals and their habitat through research, involvement in international committees and conservation projects. Through its donation, Monterosa enables the progress of the Save Moby project and OceanCare’s plastic project. The first project focuses on the protection of whales, the gardeners of the seas, in the Mediterranean. The second project focuses on creating a United Nations framework to stem plastic pollution.


Monterosa supports WeForest, a Belgian non-profit organisation dedicated to restoring cleared forests globally. Through its donation, Monterosa enables the planting of a large number of trees in WeForest’s Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest project. In this project, trees are planted in collaboration with local landowners so that the owners have a benefit from the plant and so that animals have safer access to fresh bodies of water.