Our engagement for the climate

Monterosa’s business model requires its employees to fly globally. Monterosa is however committed to having a positive impact on the climate. The group strives to diminish its own carbon footprint by encouraging use of public transport, using renewable energy and reducing waste.  

In addition, we have decided to become climate positive, by compensating over 150% of our emissions using GoldStandard-accredited projects sourced by Climate Neutral Group in the Netherlands and donating to the reforestation initiatives launched by Plant for the Planet. 

Fair Trade cookstoves

The first climate contribution project is the GoldStandard Fair Trade cookstoves JSMBT in Raichur, India. This project ensures substitution of the traditional wood fires with cook stoves, decreasing carbon emissions by 67% and ensuring large health benefits for the communities. The Fair Trade label ensures that the benefits of the carbon offsets go directly into the impoverished communities, financing the cook stoves and ensuring additional human development. 

solar pump project

The second project is a GoldStandard-recognized solar pump project in Gujarat, India. This project allows for replacement of diesel pumps used by women entrepreneurs in salt farms. Through use of solar panels, the project allows for cleaner air, less diesel consumption and annual financial savings for the entrepreneurs of 1’500 USD. The project is also linked to microfinance loans, in order to ensure sustainable development for the farmers and access to the solar panels for more women.

Plant for the Planet

Finally, Monterosa supports Plant for the Planet, a German foundation focusing on reforestation globally. Through its donation, Monterosa enables the planting of 15’000 trees in Plant for the Planet’s Mexico planting area as well as contributes to the Foundation’s overhead costs and children-focused outreach initiatives worldwide.